Only Jupiter based civic groups, Jupiter based non-profits with a 501(c)3 designation, Jupiter based public schools and pre-approved governmental agencies will be authorized to receive any type of benefit or payment in connection with fundraising activities or events held at a Town facility, either in the form of direct/indirect monetary gain, trade, discounts and/or any other goods or services.

  1. All fundraisers must submit an online facility application along with:
    1. Fundraising Disclosure Form
      Used to verify that each fundraising event is in compliance with our rental and fundraising policies. In addition you may attach the below required paperwork to this application.
      1. Resident member documentation
      2. Civic By-laws or NP documentation, all others: written/email approval of event from principal or department head to certify event is sponsored by school or agency.
      3. FL State Tax Sales Tax Exemption Certificate which is not the same as your Federal Tax ID number.
  2. Fees apply unless specifically waived by Jupiter Administration.  If your organization is tax exempt from Florida State Sales Tax you must provide the FL State Tax Sales Tax Exemption Certificate in step 1.A.iii, above.
  3. If your event is open to the general public then the sponsoring agency must name the Town as an additionally insured.  Additional insured's are a common and increasingly important part of liability insurance.
  4. Request from individuals, business or anyone else who does not meet the above criteria will not be approved.
  5. All facility rules and policies apply to all fundraising events.

Questions? Please contact us at 561-741-2400, during our business hours or Email us at any time. 
Business hours are Monday-Friday, 8 AM-9 PM, Saturdays, 8 AM-4PM.