Planning & Zoning

Mission statement

To be in accordance with the standard of ethics and principles of planning set forth by the American Planning Association.

The Town of Jupiter’s Department of Planning and Zoning is committed to:

  • Serving the public good
  • Reaching out to the citizens of our neighborhoods
  • Protecting the natural, cultural and historical resources
  • Promoting sustainable growth
  • Disseminating information in a professional and thorough manner
  • Providing a balanced and long range view of the interests of the Town
  • Uniting innovative planning principles with the unique and diverse voices of our community

Six Step Development Process

Every development application is unique and the approval process for each project is just as unique. To help applicants through the Town’s development process, Town staff are available to answer questions and provide feedback. Below is a look at six key steps most development projects – public or private – go through.


Cultural Resource Assessment

During the pre-application meeting, properties that are identified as cultural resources will need a certificate to dig before continuing in the development process.



Not Approved

If a project is not approved, it will go back to the Application Submittal step.