Local Historic Designation Process

Properties potentially eligible for Local Historic Designation

Your home or building may be historic if it's 50 years or older. In order to see if your home or building is qualified for a Local Historic Designation, please check to see if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Is associated in a significant way with the life or activities of a major person important in Jupiter, Palm Beach County, Florida or national history;
  2. Is associated with an historic event with significant effect upon the town, county, state or nation;
  3. Is associated in a significant way with a major historic event whether cultural, economic, military or political;
  4. Exemplifies the historic, political, cultural or economic trends of the community history;
  5. Is associated in a significant way with a past or continuing institution which has contributed to the life of the town;
  6. Portrays the environment in an era of history characterized by one or more distinctive architectural styles;
  7. Embodies those distinguishing characteristics of an architectural style, period or method of construction;
  8. Is an historic or outstanding work of a prominent architect, designer, landscape architect, or builder; or
  9. Contains elements of design, detail, material, or craftmanship of outstanding quality or which represents, in its time, a significant innovation or adaptation to the South Florida environment.
  10. A building or structure that meets the historic development standards listed in the regulations of and criteria for the National Register of Historic Places or those of Palm Beach County.

Not all properties are eligible for a Local Historic Designation. Please check the Town Code for a list of properties that are not generally eligible.

Local Historic Designation Process

Before a structure can be locally designated, the application must be reviewed and approved through a public hearing process. The chart below outlines the process of a local historic designation with or without a certificate of appropriateness which would allow modifications to a historic structure.

LHD and COA Process