Historic Preservation Incentive Program

There are a number of properties within Jupiter that could be designated as locally historic based on their age.  Once a property is granted a local historic designation, the owner is eligible to participate in the Town's historic preservation incentive program to preserve Jupiter's significant historic structures on private property.  These incentives include:

  • Waiver or reimbursement of fees associated with local historic designation applications.
  • Variances to specific Town land use development regulations such as setbacks, off-street parking, and floor area ratio.
  • Tax exemptions of up to 100% of the assessed value of all improvements to historically designated properties resulting from restoration, renovation or rehabilitation.  Any granted exemption is effective for 10 years.
  • Eligibility in the Town’s grant program for up to $100,000 of available funding from the Town (with matching requirements) for certain exterior and interior preservation, restoration or rehabilitation improvements.
  • Adaptive reuse of residential dwelling units for limited commercial uses (examples include a book store, a floral shop and a bed and breakfast).

Owners of an historically designated property who would like to participate in the incentive program should call Peter Begovich in the Planning and Zoning Department at 561-741-2473 to discuss options.  For more information regarding obtaining a local historic designation, please visit this page or contact Mr. Begovich at the number above.