Natural Resources

Tree City USA

Jupiter has been a designated Tree City USA for over 20 years! Natural Resources welcomes comments and questions, so please feel free to contact us via phone or email. The Natural Resources Division works to protect Jupiter's significant natural resources through:
  • Development Review (commercial and residential)
  • Habitat protection (uplands, wetlands)
  • Wildlife protection (eagles, sea turtles, osprey, tortoise)
  • Vegetation protection (upland and wetland vegetation)
  • Assistance to Code Compliance and the Neighborhood Program

Jupiter Open Space Program

Jupiter's Town Council began to take steps in 2003 to protect some of the remaining undeveloped land in the town. The preservation of open space became an increasingly urgent strategic initiative, and the decision was made to ask the community if they would support a bond issue for this purpose. On August 31, 2004, Jupiter approved a $17 million land acquisition bond referendum by a 71% vote to establish the Jupiter Open Space Program. Its purpose is to preserve environmentally sensitive lands and lands for open spaces, and to mitigate future traffic levels within the town. Additional program funds are also raised from county and state sources.

Additional Information Resources

Some resources and information on Natural Resource topics: