Jupiter Jubilee Food Court


Saturday, February 1, 2020
11 am - 4 pm

Each year, the Jubilee welcomes local food and beverage vendors who wish to sell affordable eats and treats to the thousands of attendees who enjoy the event.

This Year's Participating Food & Beverage Vendors:

  • Austin's Franks
  • Chowder Heads
  • Eats and Sweets Catering
  • Herbeque BBQ Catering
  • Joey's Kitchen & Catering
  • Kona Ice
  • Knights of Columbus #13139
  • Philly Down South
  • Taco Veracruz
  • The Scoop Coop
  • TruckaBowl

The Jubilee is a "green" event. Everyone who participates in the Jubilee is encouraged to support the effort whenever possible and affordable. Here are a few of the ways food vendors can support this effort:

  • Use consumable products, products made of recycled materials, reusable items and/or locally grown/made products.
  • Use paper or #2 plastic cups for beverages sales.
  • Encourage “refills” with reusable cups. Refills are acceptable to the health department from beer taps and from soda dispensers operated with a button or automatic sensor. It is possible to offer refills with lever-operated dispensers by filling pitchers and then pouring the beverage from a pitcher to a refillable cup.
  • Avoid selling drinks in plastic bottles. Aluminum cans are acceptable.
  • Limit printed materials such as menus. Create a poster of your menu or post several copies on your display rather than handing them out.
  • Dispense napkins with each order instead of putting them in a self-serve container or location.
  • Recycle containers will be available at the event for paper, plastic and glass.