Business Fair Exhibitor Rules & Policies

Exhibitors must comply with all rules and policies of the fair. By initialing the online application, applicants agree to the following rules, policies, acknowledgements and general releases:
  • The purpose and objective of the business fair is to allow Town of Jupiter small businesses the opportunity to promote and market their business in an effort to generate future leads and customers.
  • Booth activities should be appropriate to the family-oriented nature of the fair.
  • Businesses are not permitted to give away food or drinks to patrons.
  • The Selling of products onsite must receive approval from the Town of Jupiter; however, generating leads through couponing, surveying or mail logs is allowable.
  • One, six foot table and two folding chairs will be provided for each paid booth.
  • Business may hang own banner at front of table. Due to space constraints, only table-top displays will be allowed.
  • Tables will be set up with cloth and skirting. All other set up and supplies must be provided by the business. (Staplers, tape, scissors, etc. will not be provided.)
  • One application and booth per business.
  • Businesses may only promote business in the business category in which they are accepted.
  • The town reserves the right to decline or reject any questionable, non-approved material from the fair.
  • No animals are allowed in the fair.
  • The Jupiter Jubilee is a green event, and we encourage you to use green practices in regards to your giveaways and paper use. Absolutely no balloon giveaways or balloon decorations are allowed.
  • A one-page flyer listing all businesses in the local business fair and their contact information will be developed and provided by the Town at the Jubilee.
  • Electrical requests for lap tops, etc. must be made in advance on the online registration form. Requests for electric service after registration cannot be accepted.
  • Audio presentations must be kept to a low volume in respect to adjacent booths