Civic Fair Rules and Policies

Exhibitors must comply with the rules and policies of the fair. By initiating the online application, applicants agree to the following rules, policies, and acknowledgments:

  • The purpose of the Civic Fair is for non-profit community organizations to reach out to the local citizens they serve who may benefit from their services or community projects.
  • A 6' table and two folding chairs will be provided for each booth. All other set up materials and supplies must be provided by the organization.  You may bring your own organization tablecloth if you wish.  PLEASE NOTE:  As a result of the change of venue we will no longer offer the option of providing you with tablecloths and skirts. If you do not bring anything to cover your table with you will be working on a wooden surface with exposed metal legs.  
  • We encourage you to decorate your table and make it festive. Balloon giveaways or balloon decorations will not be permitted at the Civic Fair.  We also support the voluntary elimination of single-use plastic straws and the overall reduction of single-use plastics. Read about our PURE - Plastic Use Reduction Encouragement campaign here.
  • This year's venue will be outdoors at the Abacoa Community Park.  While we will be housed under a large heavy duty, event tent we will not be able to provide any electrical outlets to participants.  Please be aware that you will not be able to plug in any equipment at the event. There will be large fans under the tents to keep the area cool and the event will take place rain or shine. 
  • If you do bring a battery operated device please be aware that audio presentations must be kept to a low volume in respect to adjacent booths.
  • You WILL NOT be allowed to affix anything to the tents, their walls or any other structure at the park, besides your table. All of your displays need to be self standing or on your table and we remind you to please be mindful of other tables near you.
  • Raffles and/or fundraising may be held at your assigned booth only. The Town is not responsible for the loss of materials or cash boxes.
  • While we want to encourage a creative booth, please remember to remain within the space being provided.
  • Sale of food is not allowed in the Civic Fair.
  • No animals are allowed in the Civic Fair.
  • Booth activities should be appropriate for the family-oriented nature of the fair.
  • The Town reserves the right to decline or reject any questionable, non-approved material at the fair.

For more information or if you have any questions, please email or call Julie Mitchell in Neighborhood Services at (561) 741-2511.