Code Citation Fees

Citation Fee Schedule

Town Council has established by resolution a list of town code sections enforceable through the use of citations, with a corresponding schedule of fines shown below.  


Code Enforcement Costs Amount
Minimum Hearing Fee $125.00 (Hearing costs only; other costs added on case-by-case basis)

Code Enforcement Fines (per day unless otherwise stated) Amount Compliance Period
Possession/consumption of alcoholic beverages in parking lots prohibited $50 Immediate
Possession/consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places prohibited $50 Immediate
Animal waste $50 Immediate
Animals creating nuisance $50 Immediate
Animals running at large $50 Immediate
Leash law $50 Immediate
Peddler/solicitation permit & license $50 Immediate
Sale by public outcry unlawful $50 Immediate
Premises posted No Soliciting $50 Immediate
Solicitation hours limitation (Allowed between 9am-6pm Mon-Sat only) $50 Immediate
Solicitation of employment $50 Immediate
Residential storage of inoperative vehicles $50 5 Days
Graffiti $150 10 Days
Swimming pool water clarity $250 Immediate
Illegally discarded refrigerators $250 Immediate
Noise disturbances prohibited $100 Immediate
Operation of indoor sound amplification $100 Immediate
Operation of outdoor sound amplification $100 Immediate
Construction hours limited (Allowed Mon-Fri 7am-8pm & Sat 8am-4pm) $200 Immediate
Lawn equipment use hours limited (Prohibited between 10pm and 7am) $100 Immediate
Power tools use hours limited (Prohibited between 10pm and 7am) $100 Immediate
Littering in parks/oceanfront $50 Immediate
Glass containers in parks/oceanfront $50 Immediate
Location & set-out of waste containers $25 Immediate
24-hour parking limit on roadways in residential areas $50 1 Day
Parking in posted commercial areas $50 Immediate
Water shortage emergency $50 Immediate
Parking of commercial vehicles & trucks prohibited in residential areas $50 1 Hour

For additional information about the town's Municipal Citation System, please contact Code Compliance at (561) 741-2477.