Instructions for Code Violation & Lien Search

How-To Request a Code Violation & Lien Search from Code Compliance:

  • From our homepage click on 'Let Us Know' (the Request Tracker log-in page will open) then click on 'Code Compliance Violation & Lien Search' (located near the bottom of the page)
  • Or start by clicking here
  • You will now need to log-in. (If you haven’t used the application before, you must create a brief profile using your email address and a password you choose.)
    • You will receive an email acknowledging that your account has been created, and after you respond to that email, your account is activated. 
    • After completing the registration, wait a couple of minutes before trying to log in to submit your initial search request.
    • Whenever you log-in using your email and password, the request submittal form that opens will auto-fill with your stored profile name and email address, both of which can be changed 
  • Complete and submit the form. 
  • Be sure to note the 4-digit request ID number that is generated once you submit your request. This is your tracking number that enables you to look up your request online to check its status as well as to view any attached documents.
  • The response to your request will be sent via email, but you can also view the response by logging into your back your account, click on the link to 'view existing requests', and open that request number to view your full submittal form that contains any responses and attached pdf documents. You may reopen a closed search and add a comment to it to request an update without having to type in the same information again. 

There is currently no fee for this service. Please allow up to 5-7 business days for a response. All requests are answered strictly in the order in which they are received.

If you have any questions, please contact Celines Kelley at 561-741-2477

Please Note