Common Code Violations in Jupiter

Top 10 Code Violations Video (English)

Top 10 Code Violations Video (Spanish)

The following are the 10 Most Frequent Code Violations  

  1. Prohibited Signs: These include but are not limited to portable signs, pennants, A-frames, balloons, streamers, animated or emitting signs, roof & window signs, and painted wall signs.  Banners are allowed only with a special permit for a limited time. All legal signage requires a permit.
  2. Illegal Parking: Boats, campers and trailers must be stored in the side yard behind the front leading edge of the house, or in the rear yard.  Only one of each item is allowed and cannot be stored in the front yard and/or driveway. Vehicles of any type have some restrictions about where they can be parked in a residential yard. Commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked in a residential area in excess of one hour, unless engaged in legitimate loading or unloading of activities. 
  3. Mowing and Landscape Maintenance: Landscape maintenance is required, with grass and weeds not exceeding eight (8) inches in  height for residential areas, six (6) inches for commercial areas and twelve (12) inches on vacant lots. A permit may be required to remove trees & shrubs or to clear land. Trees & shrubs cannot be severely hacked or pruned back to maintain growth at a reduced height. 
  4. Illegal Accumulation, Disposal and Dumping: The accumulation and disposal of abandoned property, debris, refuse and waste products on public or private land is a public nuisance. 
  5. Vehicles in Neighborhoods: Vehicles stored on your property must have a valid license plate and registration, and must be capable of being driven on public streets.  It is unlawful for anyone to place or leave on public or private property and junked, abandoned, inoperative or unregistered vehicles. 
  6. Designated Nuisances: The accumulation of filth, obnoxious growth, things that threaten the public health, safety, and welfare, and structures with weakened integrity that are not functioning as originally intended are prohibited. 
  7. Garbage & Recyclables: Garbage cans, recyclable containers, vegetative waste and debris may be placed at curbside starting at 12 noon on the day prior to pick-up. All containers must be removed from curbside no later than midnight on the day of pick-up. 
  8. Building Permits: Permits are required for signage, construction, fences, driveways, electrical, plumbing, AC, water heaters, and other structures.  Always check first with the Building Department at 561-741-2286. 
  9. Exterior Building Maintenance: All dwelling structures shall be watertight, weatherproof, rodent proof, insect proof and in good repair. 
  10. Fence & Wall Maintenance: All fences and free-standing walls shall be maintained in good repair, free-standing walls shall be maintained in good repair, free of material defects that include but are not limited to leaning, discoloration, rips, holes, tears, missing slats, cracks, breaks and rotted material.  

Additional Information / Did You Know:

  • Construction Work: Construction work may occur between the hours of 7:00 am and 8:00 pm Monday through Friday and between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm on Saturdays.  
    • Construction is not permitted on Sundays.
  • Garage Sale Signs: A limit of two (2) garage sales are permitted per residence each year, for one day only.  A total of two (2) garage sale signs may only be displayed, one on the private property where the garage sale is located and one directional sign may be located off site. 
  • Animals: A maximum of five (5) adult domestic animals may be kept in any one residence.  Farm animals, including goats and chickens are prohibited within the Town limits.
  • Peddlers, solicitors and itinerant merchants must first obtain a Palm Beach County solicitor's permit and business tax registration before engaging in any activity. 

For additional information about code violations, please contact our Code Compliance staff at 561-741-2477, available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.