Rainy Season Fertilizer Ban

Jupiter’s natural water resources provide us with many benefits. In addition to their natural beauty, they supply water for natural areas, wetlands, habitats, and irrigation, and offer residents and visitors activities such as fishing, boating, paddling, kayaking and swimming. Maintaining and preserving this important resource is everyone’s responsibility, which is why the Jupiter Town Council, at a Special Meeting in October, 2018, passed an ordinance prohibiting the use of fertilizers during Jupiter’s rainy season, which runs from June 1 through September 30.  Due to the increase in precipitation during this time, the potential for nutrients found in fertilizers to become harmful runoff that would be detrimental our water quality is much greater during those months. The fertilizer ban is a best management practice to combat the negative impacts associated with nutrient pollution. 


Farms, golf courses and specialized turf areas (such as athletic fields) are exempt from the proposed restrictions, but are encouraged to be judicious about fertilizer application during the rainy season. Landscape and lawn care businesses that operate in Jupiter should take note of the ban. Alternative fertilizers that do not contain certain nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) can be used without the risk of harmful runoff. Visit www.befloridiannow.org for a list of acceptable fertilizers.


The new ordinance also applies to residents who maintain their own lawns. The ban stems from certain nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) that are typically used in commercial fertilizers that can become harmful runoff detrimental to our water quality. Common fertilizers available at home improvement and lawn care stores most likely contain the harmful ingredients and are subject to the ban. However, there are alternative fertilizers that can be used without the risk of harmful runoff. Visit www.befloridiannow.org for a list of acceptable fertilizers. 

Contact the Stormwater Department at 561-741-2705 if you have any questions.