Online Services

Please click pay my bill to get started today! It only takes a few minutes to get all signed up. You will need your billing statement in order to sign up and an e-mail address that you will have immediate access to so you can verify your account to complete the sign up process.

Some of the features include:

  • Recurring payment to your Checking Account, Savings Account or Credit Card.
  • Self management of your username, password and e-mail addresses.
  • Confirmation numbers and e-mails on all payments and account changes you make online.

Go green with us - choose paperless billing!

Choose to receive a paperless utility bill, and you'll also receive our quarterly newsletter, annual hurricane guide, annual water quality report, and various other notifications conveniently delivered to your inbox instead of your mailbox.  Simply log into (or create) your utility bill account, and select the “Paperless Billing” tab to change your mailing preference.  Once you sign up for paperless "eBills," you’ll be able to view your utility bill online and you’ll automatically be signed up for our digital publications.

Current Rates: Detailed information on rates and water charges.
Explanation of Charges: Detailed descriptions of charges on your water bill.