Explanation of Charges

What is the water charge on my bill?

The water charge consists of a base facility charge and the commodity charge of water. The water base facility charge is a flat rate based upon the water use demand anticipated at your location.  The commodity charge for water is based upon the volume of water used, in thousands of gallons, since the last meter reading

What is the utility tax on my bill?

The utility tax is a form of taxation and is revenue generated for the municipal government of the Town of Jupiter. The utility tax is 6% of the base facility charge and the commodity charge and is billed to those customers within the Town of Jupiter municipal limits.

What is the surcharge on my bill?

The water surcharge applies to those customers in unincorporated Martin and Palm Beach Counties. Currently, the town applies a surcharge equal to 25% of the water charges.

What is the garbage/recycling charge on my bill?

The garbage/recycling charge consists of yard waste, recycling, and garbage collection fees. Customers within the Town of Jupiter municipal limits are billed for this service. Some customers are not charged for garbage, yard waste, or recycling if the homeowners association is responsible for paying the hauler directly.

What is the stormwater charge on my bill?

The stormwater charge is calculated based on the impervious surface area of your developed property and the fees are used for the operation and maintenance of stormwater infrastructure to control flooding and improve runoff water quality as required by the US EPA’s NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) stormwater permit program. Every developed property within the Town of Jupiter municipal limits will be billed for stormwater.

Impervious area is any area of property, which is covered or compacted so that water will not filter or percolate into it. Examples are buildings, roofs, streets, sidewalks, parking lots, decks, and pools, to name a few. For more information, visit our stormwater utility page.

What are miscellaneous charges?

Your bill may include a miscellaneous service charge to offset the cost of providing service to your account. Processing fee, service charge for non-payment, additional trip or site visit charge, returned check fees, re-set meter fees, and temporary turn off / on service.