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Facility Rental Refund Request/Confirmation

  1. Refund Details - Please Read
    1. Complete and submit this form to initiate your refund.
    2. Please note that refunds are processed on a WEEKLY basis, not daily.
    3. Once processed, credit card payments can take 3-5 days to post to your account.
    4. Once processed, checks can take 7-14 days before they are received.
    5. Credit card payments must be refunded back to the same credit card.
    6. If the credit card is cancelled/lost/expired then a check will be issued.
    7. We do not need the actual credit card to process refunds.
    8. Refunds may also be applied as a credit for future reservations. (New lease required.)
    9. Sections that have a red * are required fields.
    10. You will need your rental receipt to complete this form.
    11. Due to the volume of refunds please do not call to request a refund.
    12. Currently, refunds are being approved for any reservation in 2020.
  2. Reservation Information
    This is a required field. To confirm your identity, please provide the requested information below from your rental receipt.
  3. Refund Processing*
    Please select one:
  4. If you selected alternate payee or invalid credit above, please provide name and FULL address below.
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