Municipal Code


Town Ordinances are submitted for publication in the Town Code quarterly. View and search the Town Code in an on line, in searchable format.

Ordinances that do not yet appear in the official Town Code are available on the Town website. Please follow the instructions under "Ordinance Listing."

The Town Code is a large publication, and many topics appear in multiple sections. The "experts" in the Building, Code Compliance, or Planning and Zoning Departments are happy to assist citizens with interpreting the Code. If you do not know which department to contact, email or call Laura Newsome at (561) 741-2352 for a referral to someone who can assist you.

Ordinance Listing

Use the links below to view listings of all ordinances adopted in the Town of Jupiter for the past several years. Ordinances that have not been codified by Municipal Code will be displayed with a blue number. Click on the blue ordinance number and link to the full text of any ordinance that has not been entered into the Town Code.

If you need the full text of any ordinance, please email Liz Ojea.