Who trims the seagrapes along the beach? Why do they seem overgrown?

The sections of beachfront that are owned by the Town are trimmed according to the terms and limitations of an approved State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection permit. The DEP regulates the protection of beach dunes and beach dune vegetation as well as trimming of beach dune vegetation. The trimming work is coordinated through the Public Works Department 561-741-2730.  One of the guiding factors of the Town’s seagrape trimming permit is the sea turtle nesting season, where trimming is limited during the season in order to allow the seagrapes to grow and shield the beach from nearby artificial light sources. Adult and hatchling sea turtles rely on the dark backdrop of the beach dunes and vegetation to point them towards the open ocean, which is brighter due to the reflection of moonlight. Artificial light can be very dangerous to sea turtles because the artificial light competes with the natural moonlight on which they rely for orientation. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has more information about the disorientation of sea turtles caused by artificial lighting.

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