Operations Support Bureau

This division has the primary responsibility of prevention, investigation, suppression of crime and providing operational support to uniform patrol. These units include:
  • Beach Patrol:

    Responsible for patrolling 5 miles of beach & A1A corridor
  • Street Crimes Unit:

    Primary responsibility is to combat street level crimes
  • Criminal Investigation Division:

    Responsible for the investigative functions of the department and includes: Evidence/Property and the (JFO) Juvenile First Offender Program
  • K-9 Unit:

    Canines provide protection for officers and the community, in tracking and apprehending felony suspects, locating missing persons, and conducting area/building searches that are otherwise hazardous
  • Marine Enforcement Unit:

    Tasked with the responsibility of patrolling Jupiter's navigable waterways with a primary focus on boating safety, as well as the protection of waterfront properties
  • Underwater Recovery Unit:

    Officers specially trained to deal with any incident occurring in, on, or under the various bodies of water located within the Town of Jupiter
  • Digital Forensics Unit:

    The Digital Forensics Unit uses various techniques and tools to scientifically identify, collect, analyze and preserve digital information.
For assistance or more information on the Operations Support Bureau, please contact Major Chris Smith.