Specialized Teams

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drone) TeamDrone

The Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Team was founded in 2020 and currently consists of 6 pilots. The mission of the team is to provide aerial assistance where necessary in order to locate missing persons, capture fleeing suspects, or to enhance the safety of officers performing tactical operations on the ground. All pilots have undergone Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 certification training and testing.  

Emergency Field Force (EFF) TeamEFF

The Emergency Field Force Team (EFF) provides a ready response to situations which require the use of special weapons or tactics beyond the capabilities of the normally equipped and trained law enforcement agency personnel in response to civil disturbances and or mass arrest situations. Members of the EFF Team are available 24 hours a day to handle certain civil disturbances and or mass arrest situations.

Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)swat

The Special Weapons and Tactics Team is a specialized unit within the Jupiter Police Department comprised of highly trained members. Since its implementation, the S.W.A.T. Team’s goal is to provide for the safe execution of search warrants, dignitary protection and hostage negotiation situations. The S.W.A.T. Team provides a tactical response to barricaded subjects, active shooter incidents, terrorism and the handling of any critical incident which would require extensive tactical skills. S.W.A.T. provides the Town of Jupiter with a self-sufficient tactical team, utilizing special skills and tools.

Many of the team members have obtained instructor certifications in a number of tactical areas, including TASER, gas munitions, less lethal munitions, defensive tactics, distraction devices, mechanical breaching, ballistic breaching and firearms. 

Honor Guard Honor Guard

The Jupiter Police Department Honor Guard function as ambassadors of the Police Department. The Honor Guard Members present Colors at Law Enforcement related events and parades and represents the police department at funeral services for officers killed in the line of duty. The Honor Guard hosts a Memorial Service annually to honor our fallen officers. In recent years, Honor Guard has attended the National Peace Officer’s Memorial Service in Washington D.C. and the Peace Officer’s Memorial Service in Tallahassee, Florida. 

Underwater Recovery Team (URT) Dive

The Underwater Recovery Team is comprised of officers specially trained to deal with any incident occurring in, on, or under the various bodies of water located within the Town of Jupiter. The team members have an overall duty and responsibility to perform rescues and protect life and property.

The members of the Underwater Recovery Team (URT) consist of police divers that are certified "Underwater Investigators" and are trained to conduct underwater crime scene investigations.

Hostage Negotiation TeamHNT

The Hostage Negotiation Team is currently staffed with 14 members. The purpose of the Hostage Negotiation Team is to deploy specially trained negotiators to situations where a subject is barricaded and may reasonably be expected to possess deadly weapons, present a danger to themselves or others, or where hostages are being held. The Hostage Negotiation Team works with the SWAT team to complete the overall mission. 

Team members continually train on a monthly basis, and conduct training with the SWAT team. Hostage Negotiators are also required to attend and complete the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission basic Hostage Negotiations course, an Advanced Hostage Negotiators course, and attend the 40 hour Crisis Intervention Team certification course.

Peer Support TeamPeer

The purpose of a Peer Support Team is to actively encourage employees to obtain assistance that is responsive to unique law enforcement needs. The program consists of specially trained peers, chaplains, and mental health professionals who give department members the opportunity to receive emotional and tangible peer support through times of professional and personal crisis. The Peer support team has established relationships with EAP, Wounded Warriors, Cancer Survivor Support Groups and Military Support Groups to provide resources to departmental staff and their families. 

The Peer support team will work closely with regional partners, fostering relationships while developing a plan for a regional peer/CISM training and response for major events and mutual assistance with affected agencies.