Infrastructure Equity Program

Guidelines & Application Process 

The Infrastructure Equity Program is intended to provide a greater degree of financial equity across the town's neighborhoods in the maintenance of infrastructures such as streets, sidewalks and stormwater conveyance systems.


The use of special districts to finance the construction and long-term maintenance of infrastructure by the development community created a patchwork of ownership and maintenance responsibilities in the town. As a result, the town may own and maintain a publicly accessible street in one neighborhood, but the Home Owners’ Association (HOA) may own and maintain a similarly situated street in another neighborhood.

This program allows neighborhoods to request that the Town of Jupiter take over the financial responsibility for the maintenance of publicly accessible infrastructure, and maintain them to the town's established standards.

Program Information

To initiate the evaluation process, a homeowners' or property owners' association (HOA / POA) may apply to the program using the Infrastructure Equity application form. Listed are some helpful documents for the HOA / POA board to review prior to submitting an application:


Once the documents have been reviewed, the HOA / POA board should agree to initiate the process and record the agreement at a meeting. There is a space on the online application form to upload those minutes as proof of that action.

For more information on the program or the application process, please contact Doug Koenncke, Town Engineer by email or at (561) 741-2258.