Form of Government

The Council-Manager Form of Government

On February 24, 1976, the Town of Jupiter passed a special referendum establishing its form of government as the Council-Manager form of government in the town's charter. The council-manager system of local government combines the strong leadership of elected officials with the strong managerial experience of an appointed municipal government manager. The mayor and council members are elected to represent the citizens of the community and to develop policy that is responsive to community needs and wants.

Responsibilities of the Council

The council is composed of the mayor and two members who live in the North Ward and two who live in the South Ward. The Town Council is the community's legislative body. The council approves the budget, determines the tax rate, and approves local ordinances. The council also develops the town's strategic vision and goals, focusing much of their attention on issues such as growth, land use, and capital improvements. The council appoints a professional manager to serve as the town's chief administrative officer.

Role of the Mayor

Mayors in the council-manager system are key community leaders and policy makers. The mayor is the presiding officer during meetings of the Town Council. The vice mayor serves in the absence of the mayor.

Responsibilities of the Town Manager

The manager prepares a recommended budget; recruits, hires, and manages the municipal government staff; is an adviser to the council; and carries out the policies of the Town Council.