Before, During & After a Storm

Before the Storm

As hurricane season approaches, individuals, families, and businesses should prepare and plan for an emergency. If you are not sure how to plan and what supplies to get, this site can help. Links to various town, county, state and federal resources are available below.

Develop Your Family's or Business's Disaster Preparedness Plan

Visit the Florida Department of Emergency Management's disaster preparedness website and use their interactive online tool to prepare and print your family's or business's plan. This useful tool allows you to answer a series of questions and create a plan customized for you. Having a plan A and a plan B for you, your family or your business is important. Make sure everyone knows about your plans, meet-up places, and safe places before a storm.

Click on the tabs below to see important links for before, during and after a storm.

  1. Before the Storm
  2. During the Storm
  3. After the Storm