Flood Mitigation Advice

Protecting Our Properties From Flood Waters and Wind Storms

The Town of Jupiter Building and Stormwater Utility departments provide one-on-one advice to residents and neighborhoods about drainage problems and improvements, flood mitigation techniques and wind protection methods. Members of these departments will visit a site to review concerns and offer advice. There are improvements that can be made to your property to reduce losses before flooding occurs. The Building Department can assist you with information about flood-proofing solutions like flood panels, berms, flood walls and elevated structures. Call the Building Department at (561) 741-2286 for advice on these topics.

Floodplain Construction

All construction in the Town of Jupiter requires a permit to ensure that new development and “substantial improvements” to existing structures conform to the wind and flood regulations of the Town’s building codes. An improvement to a structure located in a Special Flood Hazard Zone is a “substantial improvement” when the cost of the work equals or exceeds 50% of the structure’s market value. These “substantial improvement” projects must include all the improvements needed to bring the structure into compliance with current code regulations. To search for information on your flood zone, see the PBC interactive flood map.

The permitting review is a requirement for continued community participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Violations can not only jeopardize a community’s standing in the NFIP…they can impact the ability of residents to obtain flood insurance. If you see development occurring without permits, protect your rights by reporting violators to your local permit office. For further information on the requirements for floodplain development, the permitting process and building codes, please contact the Building Department.