Summary of Boards and Committees

 All Boards and Committees

The Town of Jupiter has several advisory boards and committees which are appointed by the Town Council.  If you would like to volunteer to serve as a member of one or more of the following boards, please complete the online application.

Appointments are tentatively scheduled yearly in May; applications are due February 1, 2022, for the May 2022 appointments, however, applications are accepted throughout the year and will be kept on file until the following year's appointments.  For more information,  contact the Town Clerk's office, at 561-741-2415 or

All Town of Jupiter Boards and Committees members are required to view the Palm Beach County Code of Ethics one hour long video prior to serving. The training requirement can be found on the Ethics Training web page.

Art Committee

No residency requirements to serve.

Membership:  Twelve (12) regular members and three (3) alternate members, staggered three (3) year terms appointed At Large. The membership of the Committee shall include individuals possessing artistic skills in one or more of the following areas: Painter; Sculptor; Photography; Weaving; Stained Glass; Architecture; Interior Design; Mobiles; and Art Appreciation.    

Attendance: Members of this Board not in attendance at 50% of the regularly scheduled meetings and at art opening exhibitions that seat shall be declared vacant and Town Council requested to fill it from a recommended list of applicants. There would be no excused absences.

Purpose: To promote, encourage, facilitate and cause the enhancement and beautification of Town Hall and other municipal buildings through the exhibition of works of art, either through loan or purchase; to foster the appreciation and interest in arts in the greater Jupiter area; to evaluate donations of all forms of artwork for municipal buildings in the Town of Jupiter and make recommendations to Town Council for approval of the selected work; and to coordinate all approved plans, themes, exhibitions, and activities with the Town Manager who shall be responsible for the execution of the Committee’s direction as approved by the Town Council.

Meeting Date: The Committee meets the last Monday of the month at 5:30 P.M.

Staff Liaison: Satu Oksanan, Neighborhood Services Manager.

Audit Committee

Only Town Residents may serve.

Membership: Five members shall be residents of the Town that have particular experience in public accounting or experience managing the activities of annual financial audit for businesses or other governmental agency, or other appropriate experience. Members serve one-year terms.

Purpose: Provide the Town Council advice and recommendations in matters relating to the Town’s audited financial statements.

Meeting Date: The Committee meets 3 times per year.

Staff Liaison: Scott Reynolds, Budget Manager. 

Beach Committee

Only Town Residents, property owners or business operators of the Town may serve.

Membership: Five (5) individual Council Appointees; two (2) At Large and four (4) Alternate members serving two-year terms. The Committee members shall select one of its members to serve as Chairman of the meetings and a Vice-Chairman to chair the meetings in the absence of the Chairman. The Chairman may only serve two (2) consecutive years.

Purpose:  To make recommendations to the Town Council regarding making the Jupiter beach areas more attractive, physically healthier and accessible to the citizens and residents of the Town of Jupiter and the general public. In addition, the Committee may make recommendations to the Jupiter local Planning Agency and Town Council concerning the Comprehensive Plan and its implementation.

Meeting Date: The Committee meets quarterly at 6:00 P.M.

Staff Liaison: Laura Cahill, Town Clerk. Liz Ojea, Recording Secretary. 

Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals

Membership:  Seven (7) Members - staggered three (3) year term appointed at large. The Board shall be composed of a registered architect; a registered engineer; a building contractor; an electrical contractor; a mechanical contractor; a plumbing contractor; and a roofing contractor.

Purpose: The board shall hear appeals concerning interpretations and enforcement of the building and technical codes.

Meeting Date: The Board meets as needed.

Staff Liaison:  Roger Held, Director of Building. Lilian Cain, Recording Secretary.

Environmental Task Force

Membership:  Members of the Taskforce shall be Town of Jupiter residents with an interest in the environment; one (1) member with an environmental or scientific background and one (1) member a local business owner. Five (5) individual Council appointees; two (2) at-large members, and two (2) alternate members who shall be appointed by a majority of the membership of the Council.

Purpose: The purpose of the Task Force is to provide information and recommendations to the Town Council regarding tree preservation related to Town Code revisions and best practices, identify and address open spaces opportunities, and review the Town’s Code and policies to recommend sustainability initiatives in the Town of Jupiter.

Meeting Date: The Taskforce shall meet at 6:00 P.M. on a quarterly basis at a minimum, or more frequently if deemed necessary.

Staff Liaison:Laura Cahill, Town Clerk. Liz Ojea, Recording Secretary.

Historic Resources Board

Membership:  Town residents and non-residents of the Town may serve, provided that a majority of membership shall be Town residents.  The Board shall consist of five regular members and two alternate members, designated as the first alternate and the second alternate. Each member of the Council shall be entitled to appoint a regular member, who shall serve at the pleasure of the member of the Council who makes the appointment. The two alternate members shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Town Council. Members of the Board shall have professional experience and/or higher educational degrees in the disciplines of history, architecture, landscape architecture, architectural history, archaeology, planning, or other professional experience or degrees in related disciplines such as American Studies, American civilization, cultural geography, cultural anthropology, or American history. Two members of the Board may be filled by individuals that do not meet the educational or professional experience requirements set forth above, provided they demonstrate a special interest, or knowledge of, the town's history. All applicants for positions on the Board shall submit sufficient information to demonstrate their educational or professional experience and qualifications which is relevant to demonstrating that they meet the qualifications established herein. A majority of the membership of the Board shall be residents of the town. However, the Town Council may appoint one member of the Board who is not a resident of the town, provided they have the professional or educational qualifications and/or experience requirements recited hereinabove.

Purpose: To promote the preservation and conservation of historic and archaeological resources. Board responsibilities include approving certificates of appropriateness for historically designated properties, archaeological certificates to dig and Florida Historical Marker applications. In addition, the Board makes recommendations to the Town Council regarding Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code text amendments to historic and archaeological preservation regulations, applications for historic designation, demolition permits for historically designated structures, and nominations of properties to the National Register of Historic Places.

Meeting Date: The Board meets the third Monday of the month at 6:00 P.M.

Staff Liaison:  Peter Begovich, Senior Planner. Henry Cardoso, Recording Secretary.

Planning and Zoning Commission

Membership:Must be Town Resident, Registered Voter, and hold no other Town position or Town office. Five (5) individual Council appointees – staggered three-year terms; Two (2) At Large; a 1st Alternate member and a 2nd Alternate member – serving one (1) year terms. Members shall be knowledgeable concerning the functions of municipal government and interested in the furtherance and promotion of planning and zoning matters and municipal development in keeping with the health, safety and welfare of the citizens.

Attendance: Members of this Board may be removed by the Board for lack of attendance. Lack of attendance is defined as a failure to attend three (3) consecutive meetings without a valid excuse.

Purpose: To make formal recommendations to the Town Council regarding land use, site and appearance plans for new projects.

Meeting Date:  The Commission meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 P.M.

Staff Liaison:  John Sickler, Director of Planning and Zoning. Stephanie Thoburn, Assistant Director of Planning and Zoning. Valerie Hampe, Recording Secretary.

Police Pension Board 

*Membership:  Five (5) members serving two (2) year terms; two of whom shall be Town Residents; two of whom shall be Police Officers and the fifth member shall be chosen by a majority of the previous four members.

Purpose: To administer the Municipal Police Officer’s Retirement Fund.

Meeting Date: The Board meets quarterly on the second Monday of the month at 10 am in Council Chambers at Town Hall.

Staff Liaison: Mike Viella, Director of Finance. Margie Adcock, Resource Center.

* Regulations set by Florida State Statutes.                                                                  

Members of the Planning and Zoning Commission and Police Pension Board are required to file an annual financial disclosure form with the Florida Commission on Ethics.