Can I apply for a position any time I wish?
The Town of Jupiter only accepts applications for open positions, that is, any position which has been advertised and for which we are actively recruiting. A completed employment application is required for any open position. You may attach a resume to your completed employment application; however, it will be reviewed for clarification purposes only. General applications or resumes are not accepted or kept on file unless a position is open.

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1. Can I apply for a position any time I wish?
2. How will I know what jobs I am qualified for and when to apply?
3. How do I file my application?
4. How long must I wait before I know whether my application has been accepted?
5. If I've previously completed an application, will I automatically be considered for other positions?
6. Does the Town of Jupiter have any prerequisite to employment other than the essential functions and qualifications described by the job posting and job description?