What facilities are available at the Riverwalk?
The Riverwalk has been master-planned to include a 15' wide pedestrian/bicycle path along the water, lighting, street furniture, observation areas, docks, fishing opportunities, public restrooms, parking, natural areas, an entertainment district, an urban park and access to several park and open space facilities including Jupiter Ridge Natural Area, Burt Reynolds and DuBois Parks. CRA Map & Points of Interest

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1. Where is the Riverwalk?
2. How long is the Riverwalk?
3. What facilities are available at the Riverwalk?
4. What is the cost of the Riverwalk?
5. Where is the money coming from?
6. When will it be done?
7. Is there parking along the Riverwalk?
8. Are there public docks available?
9. Are private events allowed at the Riverwalk Events Plaza?