Commercial Recycling

Town of Jupiter's contracts with Waste Management for solid waste services agreement does not include commercial recycling, and businesses may contract with other service providers to dispose of their recycling. The Town's regulations for commercial recycling are summarized below:
  1. Recyclable material collection and storage must be provided in a manner consistent with the Town’s Code. Generally the following are the minimum requirements:
  2. Storage area. At least one recyclable material collection and storage area must be provided for each new commercial development. The storage area must be readily accessible and sized to meet a recycling goal of 50 percent for the type of commercial business operations within the commercial development.
  3. Setback. Recycling enclosures may be connected to or be a section of a garbage and trash enclosures and are typically located at the same setback as the dumpster, which is a minimum of 75 feet from a residential district.
  4. Screening. Storage area must be screened by a solid opaque enclosure consistent with the architectural character of the development or principal building. The open end of the enclosure must have an opaque metal gate. All exterior sides of the enclosure must be landscaped with a 24-inch high shrub material spaced 24 inches on center at planting.
  5. Retrofitting. The retrofitting of existing commercial developments to comply with the requirements and standards of this section is encouraged during any improvements including modifications, alterations and renovations to existing buildings or site facilities.
  6. For commercial waste collection (trash putrescible waste and other franchised materials), the Town’s franchise agreement generally requires a minimum 2 cubic yard container. This waste is a part of the Town’s franchise agreement and cannot be disposed by another contracted hauler.
If you have any questions about commercial recycling or other questions related to the Town’s solid waste franchise agreement, please contact Kali Beams at (561) 741-2467 or by email.