Waste Collection Fees

Fee Increase

On October 1st the Town's Solid Waste and Recycling Collection rates are adjusted in accordance with the terms of our contract with Waste Management. 

SERVICES - Residential Curbside Collection
  3/1/23 - 9/30/23 Fees
10/01/23 - 09/30/24 Fees
Solid Waste (2x week)$10.47$11.05
Vegetative (2x week)$6.55$6.91
Recycling (1x week)$4.93$5.20

SERVICES - Residential Multi Family            
 3/1/23- 9/30/23 Fees
 10/01/23 - 09/30/24 Fees
Solid Waste (2x week)$10.47$11.05
Vegetative (2x week)$4.76$5.02
Bulky Waste (1x week)
Recycling (1 x week)$4.93$5.20

SERVICES - Commercial & Multi Family Containerized3/1/23 - 9/30/23 Fees 10/1/23 - 09/30/24 Fees
Container Collection Rate (per cu. yd.)$11.29$11.76
Compactor Collection Rate (8 cu. yd. or less) (3 x the container collection rate)$19.03$19.61
Compactor Collection Rate (greater then 8 cu. yd.) per pull$307.63$324.55
Roll-Off Collection Rate$288.08$303.93