Police Officer Benefits

Officers are provided with uniforms, weapons and other necessary equipment. Reimbursement of up to $140 per year is available for boots. Uniformed officers receive a $500 annual cleaning allowance. Non-uniformed officers receive a $700 annual clothing allowance.

Pension Plan

Visit the Jupiter Police Pension Webpage for more information, disclosures and important documents.
Review the Jupiter Police Department Pension Plan.

Self-Administered Defined Benefit Plan

  • Vesting after 10 years of employment
  • Contributions returned with interest if employment is terminated
  • Visit the Resource Center and use the 'Benefit Estimator'

Health and Dental Insurance

Employees may choose whichever health and dental plan they prefer. Coverage begins on the first day of the month following thirty (30) days of employment. For more information regarding insurance coverage, please contact the town's Human Resource Department. View the current full time benefits package.

Personal Patrol Vehicle (PPV) Program

Eligible members participating in the program will be issued an agency vehicle for on-duty and off-duty use, subject to regulations. The use of agency vehicles is a privilege and not an automatic fringe benefit or employment right. This privilege is subject to revocation at any time. Participation is not mandatory.

Expansion of PPV Program

Agency vehicles are assigned to members based on availability and job responsibilities. To be eligible for the PPV program, officers must reside within a 30-mile radius of the Jupiter town limits. Officers become eligible for PPV assignment after satisfactorily completing the field training and evaluation program. Officers who agree to participate in the PPV program will have a pre-determined deduction from each paycheck to offset fuel costs. Personal use of the PPV outside of the 5-mile radius of the Jupiter town limits is not permitted.