Annual Starting Salary

Florida State Certified or Out-of-State Certified Police Officer Base Annual Starting Salary: $65,000.

Certified Police Officers with full-time sworn law enforcement experience may receive a salary adjustment for their prior experience. Non-Certified (while attending the Academy) officers will receive $43,922. Non-certified employees will receive an increase to the certified police officer salary upon successful completion of the Florida State Examination.

Current Top-Out Pay

$113,557.50 - Certified police officer salary increases and benefits are based on the current union contract entered into by the Town of Jupiter and the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association.

Assignment Pay In accordance with the Union Contract, "assignment pay" is paid in addition to the base hourly wage and is given to police officers who have been assigned to the following specialties:

  • Motorcycle Patrol Duty 3%
  • Traffic Homicide Investigator 2%
  • Corporal 8%
  • Police Officer First Class (PFC) 5%
  • Detective 5%
  • Neighborhood Enhancement Team 3%
  • Street Crimes Unit 5%
  • Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) Operator 2%
  • Firearms Instructor 2%
  • Marine Unit 3%
  • Beach Unit 3%
  • Crime Prevention Practitioners 3%
  • SWAT 5%

K-9 Officers receive 1.5 hours of compensatory time on each regular designated day off for care and maintenance of dog.

Shift Differential Pay

Under the current contract, road patrol officers work eleven-and-a-half hour shifts, assigned to a day platoon or night platoon, with a rotating schedule of four days on followed by four days off. Based on eleven-and-a-half hour shifts, shift differential pay is as follows:

  • Assignment to night platoon - 2% additional pay

Longevity Pay

  • 5-year anniversary: $250 paid annually on anniversary date
  • 10-year anniversary: $375 paid annually on anniversary date
  • 15-year anniversary: $500 paid annually on anniversary date


Upon approval, the Jupiter Police Department will pay for continuing education courses benefitting employees in the performance of their duty. This may include any or all of the following: Tuition, textbooks, per diem, hotel expenses and salary.

  • $20 per month State Educational Incentive Pay can be received by completing FDLE's approved 80-hour course blocks
  • $30 per month paid to employees holding an Associate's Degree
  • $80 per month paid to employees holding a Bachelor's Degree or higher (Maximum education benefit: $130 per month)

Upon successful completion of college courses completed in the pursuit of a degree (through a Masters), tuition may be reimbursed (100% or 75%, depending on grade received) for up to five (5) courses per fiscal year per employee.

Probationary Period

The one year probationary period for sworn officers begins after the completion of the Field Training Officer program.