Youth Class Descriptions

2021 Youth Class Descriptions

General Youth

Homeschool Art in Nature
Classes will include environmental awareness experience with Brenda Nickolaus known as Mother Nature, while painting and crafting with green recycled items. Each craft is designed to encourage artistic play and to pay attention to the beauty of the small details in nature. We will cover a variety of topics; each class we will explore a different theme through hands-on activities, stories, crafts, encounters with resident animals as appropriate to the topic, and outdoor discovery. Activities: Bird ID, Clay Play, Insects in the Gardens, Trees and Forests, Water-Water Everywhere. ***There is a $20 supply fee due to the instructor the first day of class.

Combo Dance Class Ages 5-7
A combination of learning Tap, Ballet, and Jazz styles of dance.  This will be a fun dance class, teaching the fundamentals of ballet.  Tap: Rhythmic combination of sounds using toes and heels with Tap Shoes.  Jazz:  Dance to fun kid-friendly music, in a style that emphasizes on body alignment, conditioning, stretching, and strengthening.

Tumbling/Acro Class Ages 5-12
A fun class with emphasis on strength, stretching, and flexibility.  Tumbling focuses on gymnastic moves.

Tap Class Ages 7-12
Learning rhythmic combination of sounds using the toes and heels wearing fitted tap shoes with metal taps.

Ballet 1 Ages 3-6
Ballet basics and creative movement integrating some tumbling.

Ballet 2 Ages 5.5-7.5
Ballet basics including creative movement and some tumbling

Ballet 3 Ages 7-12
Classical ballet technique for the young child including learning dance steps and choreography

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