Police Explorers

The Explorer program is a youth organization affiliated with the Boy Scouts Of America and targets young people in the community between the ages of 14 and 21. The program is designed to give youth who may feel they have some interest in a law enforcement career some hands on experience in criminal justice and law enforcement areas.

The primary goal of the Jupiter Police Explorer program is to educate the explorers in the area of Law Enforcement. As part of their duties each explorer participates in meetings and lectures teaching them such things as handcuffing techniques, vehicle stop safety and procedures, self defense, paperwork, constitutional law, courtroom testimony, stress management, and the juvenile justice system to name a few.

Jupiter Police Explorers Post 712

The Jupiter Police Department conducts a three-fold Explorer Program:                    
  • As a recruitment tool for men and women to qualify for future careers in law enforcement,
  • To offer a positive relationship between police and the youth of the community who have not had police contact,
  • As service organization providing youth services to the community and to the Police Department in the form of non-hazardous functions.
The Explorer recruits are entitled to wear the Law Enforcement Explorer uniform and receive membership cards. As a result of the training and direction received as Explorers, many young men and women have chosen law enforcement as a career. If you are age 14 and in the ninth grade; (or 15 regardless of grade) through 21 years of age and are interested in becoming a Law Enforcement Explorer, please call Senior Explorer Advisor Officer Trisha Heuser at 561-741-2259 or e-mail 1044@jupiter.fl.us for more information.