Fleet Maintenance

Fleet-MaintenancePublic Works operates the Maintenance Facility which includes maintenance bays with lifts and a fueling station. The fueling station is utilized by all Town Departments for vehicle refueling. All town vehicles are repaired and maintained at this location by our fleet mechanics.

Vehicles are brought in for regular maintenance on a routine basis, and also for major repairs when they are needed. Our staff utilizes a computerized fleet maintenance system to keep track of the expenses associated with each individual vehicle. This data is then used as an indicator to determine when a vehicle is no longer economically viable. This saves money and prevents excessive vehicle down time. Our goal is to provide a high level of service at the least possible cost to the Town.

  • Maintain approximately 294 Police and Maintenance vehicles.
  • Maintain approximately 10 pieces of Heavy equipment (Backhoe, dump truck, mowing tractors, etc.)
  • Maintain various pieces of small equipment (Weed eaters, chainsaws, etc.)