Purely Jupiter

PURE - Plastic Use Reduction Encouragement

On August, 9, 2018 the Town of Jupiter Town Council passed Resolution 63-18, supporting the voluntary elimination of single-use plastic straws and overall reduction of single-use plastics.  The resolution also supports an outreach and education campaign to support Jupiter’s businesses and residents in working toward the reduction.  

The result is the PURE Campaign – Plastic Use Reduction Encouragement – an effort involving the entire Jupiter area community. By encouraging businesses to eliminate or reduce their use of plastic straws and encouraging consumers to refuse straws, together we can all do the right thing and protect our oceans, waterways, natural areas, and wildlife.

  1. Jupiter Businesses
  2. Consumers

How to pledge 

So you’ve been thinking about teaming up with the Town’s PURE Campaign, but you’re not sure where to start?  Becoming a partner is as easy as one-two-pledge, here's how to get it done.

Why pledge?  

Pledging is easy and makes it official!  The Town is happy to team-up with any business or organization aiming at reducing its plastic use/consumption, but by taking the pledge and joining the PURE Campaign, you are an official partner with the Town and that comes with some perks!  Speaking of perks…

What’s next?  

Once you’ve taken the pledge, you’ll have access to a variety of resources and swag that tells your customers that you’re part of the PURE Campaign!  These perks are coming soon, in the meantime, we have your email, when the perks are here we will let you know how to get them.