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1. How do I find out if there is an active code violation, code fine or code lien on a property?
2. Who do I contact with animal complaints?
3. Is Jupiter Farms within the town limits of Jupiter for code enforcement issues?
4. When is the next Code Magistrate hearing?
5. How can I report an illegal banner or sign?
6. Who do I call to report a neighbor's overgrown yard or landscaping, or watering on the wrong day?
7. Who do I notify if a property has garbage cans or recycling bins being placed at the curb too early, or has them being left out after the day of pick-up?
8. How do I find out if a contractor or business is registered to do business within the Town of Jupiter?
9. How do I find out about exotic vegetation removal, vegetation removal permits, the correct pruning of trees, and landscape pest infestations?
10. Who do I call if my garbage or recycling is not being picked up on the scheduled day, or to find out if an item will be picked up per the town's contract with the waste hauler?
11. How do I check for an active permit of any kind?
12. Who can I call for construction or building specifications, including fence, window, door, roof, electric, plumbing or A/C installations?
13. Who should I call regarding maintenance of town canals and canalbanks?
14. Who do I call if a town road or sidewalk is damaged?
15. How do I find out about having stop signs, no parking signs, or other types of traffic signs installed along a town road in my neighborhood?
16. Who do I contact to see about installing no trespassing signs on my property?