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Survey - Summer Camp

  1. Town of Jupiter Summer Camp Survey

    Dear Parents and Campers,

    Wow, what an amazing summer the past few weeks have been! We hope that we were able to provide you all with a safe, fun and rewarding experience. 

    It has truly been a pleasure to have the opportunity to spend the summer with your child. As we navigate forward, we continue to look for ways to serve our community. If you have any feedback regarding the 2021 Summer Youth Camp, we would love for you to share it with us.

  2. Please check one of the following for each question:
  3. How would you describe your child's overall experience at the Town of Jupiter Summer Camp? *
  4. How would you describe the level of safety and supervision that was provided for your child while attending summer camp? *
  5. How would you describe the quality of communication between camp staff and you, as a parent? (ex. behavior, incidents/accidents, schedule changes, etc.)*
  6. How would you describe the overall attitude of your child's Summer Camp Counselors and Camp Supervisors? *
  7. How did you hear about the Town of Jupiter Summer Youth Camp registration dates? Please check all that apply or list alternatives. *
  8. How would you describe your satisfaction with curbside sign-in and sign-out?*
  9. How would you rate your experience using the Procare app for daily communication with Summer Camp staff?*
  10. Which group(s) were your children enrolled in? Please check all that apply: *
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