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Instructor Proposal Form- Jupiter Parks and Recreation Department

  1. Instructor Proposal Form

    Thank you for your interest in teaching classes with the Town of Jupiter Parks and Recreation Department! Some important information about how this process works, please read this before filling out this form. 

    • Submission of this form does not guarantee space to teach classes 
    • All instructors are required to go through a level 2 background check and drug screening 
    • All instructors are required to sign a contract and provide a minimum of students for the class to proceed. If that minimum is not met Recreation staff has the right to cancel your class
    • All registration fees must go through our registration system. We handle registration. Students can register in person at the Jupiter Community Center or online
    • All fees collected are split with the Town of Jupiter in a 70/30 split. 70% to you and 30% back to us
    • We only advertise on our web page and our quarterly brochure. All other advertisement is done through you
    • We do not hold classes June through August to ensure we have space for our summer camp
    • If you do not provide your class information before the content deadline given by the Recreation Coordinator you will not be able to teach classes that session
    • We run classes in sessions Sep/Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar, April-May
    • We always charge 25% more for non-residents and those fees go directly to the Town and are not included in your pay
    • Depending on your type of class you will be paid monthly or after the completion of your session
    • Instructors are responsible for communicating with their participants and Recreation staff if you are missing a class (planned or unplanned)
    • Classes can be taught Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:30pm and Saturdays 8:30-3:30pm. 

    Three Options for Classes: 

    1. Session class: This class is a set price for a set of weeks. This is typically a class that builds on previous classes. We take the price per class and multiply it by the number of classes held in the session. Participants are expected to sign up at the beginning of class and do not get refunds for missed classes. If participants sign up after the first week, their price will be pro-rated. 
    2. On-going class: This class runs September through May and participants can join any time. We sell passes for these classes and participants can purchase 10 classes at a time. We do take breaks for Holidays, closures and summer. 
    3. Workshop: Could be a monthly, quarterly, or yearly workshop. 

    ***If your proposal is accepted and Recreation Staff determines that your class(es) will be a good fit, you will receive an additional form for content collection. 

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