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  1. 50+ Suggestion Box

    50+ Suggestion Box

  2. Instructor Proposal Form- Jupiter Parks and Recreation Department
  3. Registration - Touch-A-Truck Easter Edition Vehicle
  4. TOJ Hurricane Camp

    The Recreation Department will offer a youth day camp at the Jupiter Community Center from 8am-5pm during the weekdays immediately... More…

  5. Turtle Trot 5k Volunteer Registration
  1. Cops & Toddlers: Connecting Tots with our Local Heroes
  2. Recreation Session Classes: January-March

    In order for your class to be offered at the Jupiter Community Center and advertised in the brochure this form must be filled out each... More…

  3. RSVP - Women's Self Defense Seminar - 4/1/23
  4. Touch A Truck Food Vendor Application
  5. Valentine's Storytime

    Valentine's Storytime