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2022 Matching Grant Program Application

  1. The application must be completed and submitted prior to 4:00 PM, March 23, 2022.

    This program is for Town of Jupiter residents only. The categories for this year's grants are either beautification or the safety/security of the community.

    Please note, the application will be an on-line form only. If you need an example budget and/or a volunteer hour log form, please email Please note that an incomplete application cannot be saved. You can, however, cut and paste to the form from other documents.

    All projects will be reviewed and compared to the review criteria and each other by a selection committee. All incomplete applications and projects not meeting the review criteria will be rejected. Please do not submit an application if you have received a Matching Grant in 2019, 2020 or 2021.

    In case the Town receives more applications than it can fund, applicants may be ranked by other factors (age of community, financial need, etc.) as well. Town Council will make the final decision on funding levels.

  2. Before You Begin
    In order to complete this application, you will need to have the following completed to either upload or fill in:

  3. I certify that the information included in this application is correct, that I am authorized to apply for a grant from the Town of Jupiter, and that the application represents the consensus of the residents in the target area described.
  4. (If the application is from an incorporated group or HOA, the applicant name and signature must be the President or Treasurer of the organization)
  5. 1. Project Description - 30 points
    Provide a description of the project, its location, and if it is part of a greater improvement plan. Provide a map of the area along with photos of the area in its current state. If the proposal includes landscaping, provide a landscape plan with a detailed material list.
  6. 2. Benefit to the Town - 30 points
    How will the project benefit the Town of Jupiter and its residents? Also, describe how the project will provide a long-lasting benefit to the neighborhood.

    Note: All Matching Grants allocated for beautification must benefit the Town as a whole (i.e. be visible from public roads).
  7. 3. Community Input - 20 points
    Describe how the residents contributed to the idea/design of the project, and how they will help implement the improvement. Include a petition and/or letters or emails of support from the residents. If the project was discussed and approved at a HOA/Condo/Neighborhood meeting, please provide the applicable minutes.
  8. 4. Budget Details-10 points

    The Town’s contribution to the project cost must be (at least) equally matched by the grant applicant. The applicant’s match can include actual cash, donations, and volunteer efforts directly related to the implementation of the proposed project. Time spent on submitting an application will not count as a match.

    In the narrative, explain how the community is contributing to the project match i.e. special assessment, volunteer hours, fundraiser, donated materials/labor, and/or dues.

    A complete and accurate project budget sheet must be uploaded as part of the application. If using something other than cash as a match, please provide documentation of the donation.

    Please itemize all expenses. Upload volunteer hour log (if using as a match).

    Three bids for each component of the project are required per Town of Jupiter Purchasing Policy (a copy of the policy can be provided upon request).

  9. 5. Future Maintenance of Project-10 points

    In order to utilize Town funds in a responsible way, the improvements should be long lasting. How will your community ensure that the project will be a lasting improvement? What is the plan for maintenance?

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