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Non-Profit Event Application for the Plaza Down Under at the Riverwalk

  1. If you are a registered Non-Profit and would like to host your next event at the Riverwalk's Plaza Down Under then please complete the below application at least 4 months prior to your planned event. Once your application has been received Town Staff will contact you to schedule a mandatory site meeting. 

  2. Important

    Completing this form does not guarantee that your event will be approved. A limited number of events are permitted each year.  Only registered Non-Profits will be considered to host events at this location.

  3. Contact Information
  4. Event Information
  5. Event Duration:*
  6. i.e. Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 1-4pm

  7. Applicant's Responsibilities
  8. 1. Electricity: If event requires electricity, the Town will have the outlets checked the week before the event. Applicants are required to supply their own outdoor commercial grade extension cords with grounded plugs. No cords are allowed to lie exposed in the path of pedestrian traffic.

  9. 2. Parking: Applicant is responsible for working with property owners in the area to form a parking plan. Applicant will need to ask permission and provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) if necessary to the property owner of the parking lot(s) the applicant wants to use for the event.
  10. 3. Police Detail: Applicant is required to contact the Jupiter Police Department in order to hire law enforcement support and staffing for the event, and to close the lot for the event. The Police Department will provide an estimate on the number of officers required, and associated cost, depending on the scope of the event.
  11. 4. COI to the Town of Jupiter: Applicant will need to provide a COI to the Town of Jupiter naming the Town as additionally insured. The Certificate of Coverage (COC), which will have General Liability, shall carry minimum coverage limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit, and shall cover claims for damages for bodily injury, sickness, disease, or death, or to injury or destruction of tangible property including loss of use resulting there from. Applicant also has to sign a hold harmless form for the Town of Jupiter for the event.
  12. 5. Restrooms: Applicant needs to rent at least two portalets from a vendor for event under the bridge to provide restrooms (may need to rent more depending on size of the event). Harbourside has public restrooms across the street from the venue, and applicant should reach out to Harbourside to let them know the event is taking place, so they make sure the restrooms have toilet paper, etc.
  13. 6. Non-Profit Status: Applicant must attach a copy of its 501(c) 3 documentation to this application to provide proof of an active non-profit status.
  14. 7. Health Inspections: If applicant's event is having food vendors, the applicant needs to reach out and work with the county health inspectors before the event. Typically the health inspectors will come day of event to check all the vendors.
  15. 8. Event Coordination: Applicant is responsible for day-of coordination, setup and cleanup. There will be a $500 security deposit taken upon formal approval of the event. This will be returned following the event after a Town staff member inspects the venue.
  16. 9. Dumpster: Applicant needs to also make sure to empty all of the trash and recycling receptacles throughout the event into the dumpster provided in the side parking lot.
  17. 10. Alcoholic Beverage Permits: In order to have alcohol at event, applicant must have the appropriate licenses and permits.
  18. I acknowledge that I read and agree to be responsible for the above.*
  19. Usage Policies
    It is the intent of the Town of Jupiter to provide a venue that can be utilized by 501(c) 3 designated organizations to hold charitable and/or civic fund-raising events.
  22. B. PURPOSE:
    Use of the Plaza Down Under on the Riverwalk is intended primarily for public recreational and leisurely activities. The Plaza may be reserved for community events that are open to the public and held by a local non-profit organization. No political or religious non-profits or private parties or events are permitted. The Town reserves the right to deny any applicant that does not meet the criteria for community events. All fundraisers must be pre-approved.
    Reservations will be handled through the Town of Jupiter Events Coordinator, 561-741-2365.
  25. 1. Applicant must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid FL Driver's License. The applicant filling out this application must be the person or organization representative that is responsible for the event.
  26. 2. Glass bottles are not permitted on the premises. Town of Jupiter Code Section 14-76 states, " No person shall bring or possess any glass container into any park or ocean front beach recreation area in Town."
  27. 3. Applicant and all members and guests of the party will comply with all statutes, laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of the Federal, State, County and Town governments applicable to the use of the venue.
  28. 4. All personal property placed on, or in the venue, shall be at the risk of the applicant. Applicant must arrange for security if you need to leave items at the plaza overnight.
  29. 5. Applicant shall indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Jupiter and the FDOT from and against any and all loss, cost, (including statutory liability and liability under Workmen's Compensation Laws) in connection with claims for damages as a result of injury or death of any person or property damage to any property sustained by Applicant and all other persons which arise from, or in any manner grow out of, any act or neglect on or about the venue provided hereunder by Applicant and all members of its party, their agents, employees, customers, invitees, contractors and subcontractors.
  30. 6. Applicant accepts the venue (plaza and grounds) in its present condition and agrees to return venue in a clean and orderly condition, free from litter, stains, structural damage, food, equipment, etc. All trash containers must be emptied into the dumpster located in the parking lot just east of the Plaza Down Under on the Riverwalk. An inspection of the venue (plaza and grounds) will be made by a Town staff member following the event.
  31. 7. Hours of usage will be determined for each event. All decorations, equipment and food must be removed from the venue by 1 am. This includes any outside rental equipment.
  32. 8. Any event that charges admission must be of a civic nature and organized by a local non-profit organization. The plaza cannot be used as a method to help fund a private business or an individual person through the use of an admission fee for any event, or events that are to be held at the plaza. All fundraisers must be submitted and pre-approved.
  33. 9. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited to be taken outside the plaza. In order to have alcohol at event, applicant must have the appropriate licenses and permits.
  34. 10. Due to limited parking for this venue, the applicant is responsible for working with property owners in the area to create a parking plan for the event. Applicant will need to ask permission and provide a COI if necessary to the property owner of the parking lot(s) the applicant wants to use for the event.
  35. 11. The Town of Jupiter reserves the right to cancel any rentals due to, but not limited to, any act of nature (like hurricanes). During hurricane season please keep us up to date on your contact information. If your rental date is during hurricane season (June 1-November 31) there is a possibility that your event will be disrupted by a hurricane. If the applicant's reservation is cancelled by the Town of Jupiter, the applicant may reschedule.
  36. 12. The Town of Jupiter has the right to deny any event based on the venue availability and the event qualification. Once the Town approves, it goes through FDOT's permit process. If the permit is not approved, the event will not be approved.
  37. 13. Pursuant to Section 13-144, entitled “Exterior sound standards”, outdoor amplification of music or speech must be in compliance with the current sound standards established by Table 1, Section 13-144, of the Town Code. The event is subject to the sound ordinance of the Town and is subject to enforcement of said ordinance by the Jupiter Police Department.
  38. I acknowledge that I read the above items and agree to abide by them*
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