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1. Can I remove a tree in a residential neighborhood?
2. Can I remove mangroves?
3. I want to trim mangroves on my property. Do I need to hire a certified mangrove trimmer, or can I trim the mangroves?
4. I want to hire a tree/landscape company - Do you have anyone you can recommend?
5. I want to hire a tree/landscape business. Are they registered with the town?
6. Who do I contact if I have a question about trees or landscape in the medians or along the Right Of Way?
7. My neighbors tree/landscape is coming into my yard. I want the town to do something about it?
8. My neighbors tree roots or yard clippings are coming into my yard - can the town do something about this?
9. There is a dead tree on my property – Will the town remove it? Do I need a permit to remove a dead tree?
10. There is a dead tree in the Right of Way or alley way - who do I call about removal?
11. There is a dead tree in my neighbors' yard - I am afraid it will fall on my house, what can I do?
12. I want to remove a tree or modify landscaping on a commercial property - do I need permission?
13. Who trims the Seagrapes along the beach?
14. Who is in charge of the Indiantown Road roadway project or Indiantown road landscape medians?
15. Do I need a permit to build a dock or boatlift on my property?
16. Can I build a seawall?
17. If a tree/landscape is on my property line we don't know who owns it - can the town to come and tell us?
18. What are the lighting regulations on the beach to protect the seaturtle nesting?
19. What are the current water restrictions?
20. Someone is cutting a tree down or removing landscaping - who do I call to report it?
21. Do I need a "Clearing" or "Vegetation Removal" permit to clear or remove exotic and/or prohibited plant species from my property?