How can I help protect the sea turtles?

When is official sea turtle nesting season?
March 1st through October 31st in Palm Beach County.

What types of sea turtles nest on Juno and Jupiter Beach?
Leatherbacks, loggerheads and greens. However, one may see Kemps Ridley and Hawksbill turtles swimming off our coast, but they rarely nest on our local beaches.

Are turtle nests protected on the beach?
They are protected by State and Federal law. However, only a fraction of the total number of nests on our beach are marked in any fashion. The vast majority are left to incubate naturally, without further protection.

Do beach goers harm turtle nests?
No, sea turtles bury their nests deep enough to be unaffected by routine beach activity.

How many eggs are there per nest?
There are approximately 100 eggs per nest, with an average 60 day incubation period.

What happens to the sea turtle eggs if they are exposed?
If the eggs are not hatched, rotation and exposure to the elements often cause the eggs to stop developing. Beach erosion commonly exposes turtle nests, which is an unfortunate but natural process.
Why do we have to turn lights off along the beach for the turtles?
Adult females avoid lighted beaches for nesting, and emerging hatchlings often become disoriented by beachfront lighting as they try to reach the ocean.

To learn more about South Florida's sea turtles or to volunteer/donate visit Loggerhead Marinelife Center

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