210 Military Trail
Jupiter, FL 33458



Name Title Email Phone
Barnes, Amanda Assistant Director of Utilities 561-741-2537
Brown, David Director of Utilities 561-741-2273
George, Brittany Special Projects Coordinator 561-741-2270
Molina, Mark Utility Engineering Technician 561-741-2742
Montemayor, Steven Utilities Engineer 561-741-2710
Offices, Water Plant Water Plant Offices 561-741-2601
Pokorny, Scott Senior Utilities Engineer 561-741-2638
Wilder, Rebecca Facilities Manager 561-741-2635

Customer Service 



Name Title Email Phone
Alves, Daniel Customer Service Representative 561-741-2210
Clark, Dawn Financial Operations Manager 561-741-2272
Corritori, Nancy Customer Service Representative 561-741-2360
Denholtz, Carolina Toradse Customer Service Representative 561-741-2277
Donawa, Lyssa Senior Customer Service Representative 561-741-2275
Gaddis, John M Senior Customer Service Representative 561-741-2657
Lee, Frederick Customer Service Representative 561-741-2357
Martek, Cynthia Customer Service Representative 561-741-2300
McCleary, Robin Utility Customer Services Coordinator 561-741-2300
Sancilio, Ryan Billing Analyst 561-741-2271
Sanders, Travis Utilities Accountant I 561-741-2264
Schneider, Michael Senior Customer Service Representative 561-741-2658

Stormwater Management 

3133 Washington Street
Jupiter, FL 33458


Name Title Email Phone
Rotar, David Utility Services Manager 561-741-2701
Wofford, Gennifer Administrative Specialist II 561-741-2711

Utility Field 

3133 Washington St.
Jupiter, FL 33458


Name Title Email Phone
Barrett, James Utility Worker II 561-741-2705
Barrientos, Frank Utility Worker II 561-741-2705
Carroll, Rodney Utility Worker Supervisor 561-741-2713
Castillo, Orlando Utility Worker I 561-741-2705
Cibotti, Derick Utility Worker I 561-741-2705
Craft, Chris Utility Worker Coordinator 561-741-2723
DelBene, Greg Utility Field Representative 561-741-2357
Gaddis, John Utility Services Manager 561-741-2702
Isham, Mike Utility Worker I 561-741-2705
Johnson, Chris Utility Worker II 561-741-2705
Kampff, Cody Utility Worker I 561-741-2705
Kerestes, Brian Utility Worker II 561-741-2705
Koprivich, Shawn Utility Worker I 561-741-2705
Kreidler, Shane Utility Worker Coordinator 561-741-2704
Holihan, Justin Utility Field Representative 561-741-2357
McAllister, Jeff Utility Worker Coordinator 561-741-2705
McClelland, Charles Utility Worker I 561-741-2705
Romero, Paul Utility Worker 1 561-741-2705
Saccoccio, Nick Utility Worker II 561-741-2609
Thompson, Chris Utility Worker II 561-741-2705
Wilson, Henry Utility Field Representative 561-741-2357

Water Plant Operations 

17403 S. Central Blvd.
Jupiter, FL 33458


Name Title Email Phone
Aldrich, Douglas Water Plant Operator C 561-741-2609
Barker, Charles Process Controls Technician 561-741-2641
Brown, Corey Water Plant Operator Trainee 561-746-2609
Burg, Austin Process Controls Technician 561-741-2707
Canali, Alex Water Plant Operator C 561-741-2609
Curcio, Thomas Water Plant Operator Trainee 561-741-2609
Doherty, Jeff Water Plant Operator Trainee 561-741-2609
Dudak, Bill Water Plant Operator A 561-741-2676
Felsburg, Allyson Assistant Facilities Manager 561-741-2735
Glazer, Stephen Process Controls Coordinator 561-741-2630
Harris, David SCADA Systems Anaolyst 561-741-2640
Houtz, Michael Water Plant Operator A 561-741-2629
Jagemann, William Process Control Technician 561-741-2641
Keys, Heather Administrative Specialist II 561-741-2601
Levitz, David Utilities Electrician 561-741-2601
McKenzie, Chris Maintenance Supervisor 561-741-2605
Mitrovich, Paul Water Plant Operator C 561-741-2609
Morar, Jacob SCADA Systems Analyst 561-741-2745
Morris, Debbie Intern 561-741-2604
Podbeusek, Jody Water Plant Operator C 561-741-2609
Reid, Daniel Water Plant Operator 561-741-2609
Saathoff, Jay Water Plant Operator Trainee 561-741-2609
Schulze, Gary Water Plant Operator C 561-741-2606
Sharples, Gary Water Plant Operator B 561-741-2609
Smith, Matthew Laboratory Technician 561-741-2712
Sweade, Stephen Water Plant Operator A 561-741-2609
Talabac, Scott Water Plant Operator Trainee 561-741-2601
Tatum, Craig Water Plant Operator B 561-741-2609
Tress, Larry Utilities Electrician 561-741-2601
Vasquez, Edward Water Plant Operator Trainee 561-741-2609