Current Announcements and Notices

Free Chlorine Maintenance Notice:

Beginning October 15, 2018 and ending November 5, 2018, Jupiter Utilities will temporarily modify the disinfection process used within our water system in order to further protect the distribution system water quality. A temporary method of free chlorination will be used which may cause a chlorine taste or odor in the tap water during the change. For more info please review our FAQ document or contact the following lab staff: Gary Schulze, 741-2606; Rebecca Wilder, 741-2635.


Some Town of Jupiter Utilities customers may be receiving calls from a company offering to test their water and suggesting that they purchase expensive water filtration systems to address water quality issues. These companies are not associated with the Town of Jupiter Utilities, and may be operating under the name of Environmental Quality Assurance. In some cases, they may provide inaccurate information to customers on the quality of their water, so the Town of Jupiter Utilities would like to caution customers on these claims.

Town of Jupiter Utilities customers are provided with water that meets or exceeds all federal and state requirements. Water quality is regularly monitored for contaminants according to Federal and State laws, rules and regulations. The utility has no violations, and over the years has won many awards. Each year the annual Water Quality Report is published, and can be found on our website. This report is updated each May, and customers receive a copy in their utility bills or can view the report online. To learn more about the quality of your water, please contact one of our Water Quality Specialists: Rebecca Wilder at 561-741-2635 or Gary Schulze at 561-741-2609.

Bluegreen Algae: Information for Jupiter

Read this fact sheet to understand a bit more about the blue-green algae situation and its relevance to the Jupiter area.

Additional Information