Jupiter Police Department Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

"One Team Empowered for Excellence, Destined for Success"

Mission Statement:

"We are dedicated to the safety and security of everyone within our community by providing responsive and professional services with compassion and concern."

Our Motto:

"Setting the Benchmark for Excellence"

Our Core Values:


    Serving with respect, honesty and trust

    Accepting personal and professional responsibility for our actions and the actions of our department.

    Providing effective, efficient, and diligent service through our commitment to professional and personal development.

    Working together to achieve common goals through selflessness, unity, trust, and mutual support.
  • PRIDE:

    Honoring yourself, your profession, and your community through dignified actions.

    Devoting ourselves to protecting and serving all people within our community.

    Genuine and timely exchange of information within our community, agency, and family.