Neighborhood Policing

Responsibility of the Neighborhood Policing Division

The Neighborhood Policing Division has the primary responsibility for crime prevention through citizen awareness, education, and public participation. The members of the unit also promote and develop standards for better understanding and unity between law enforcement and the community.

The Neighborhood Policing Division uses proactive / creative approaches to various problems in the community. These responses to community problems are essential in identifying and solving concerns within the town, before they become problems requiring additional police resources.

Neighborhood Policing Officers

The Neighborhood Policing Officers are dedicated to involving themselves in situations that can be resolved through education and intervention, before enforcement action is necessary. These officers are problem solvers and have proven their ability to intervene in difficult situations, finding successful solutions to such incidents as neighborhood disputes, ordinance violations, and juvenile related problems. These officers are an integral part of the Department's continually expanding community policing efforts.