Evidence & Property Department

The Evidence and Property Unit is responsible for any type of property that is recovered by department members (Patrol Officers, Community Service Officers, Crime Scene Investigators, etc.). Each item is classified as either 'found/abandoned property' or 'evidence'. This unit is accountable for all of the items which are stored in our evidence facility and ensures the availability of those items for court presentations and/or the return of the property to the rightful owner.

Disposing of Evidence & Property

The most important responsibility of the evidence technician is to ensure the integrity of the chain of custody of the evidence which is stored for criminal prosecution. Contraband, worthless or other illegal items are destroyed in accordance with Florida Statutes. Legal unclaimed property is either donated to a recognized nonprofit organization or properly disposed of, but only after it has been held for ninety days.

For assistance or more information on evidence and property, please contact us at (561) 741-2251, Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Visit the PropertyRoom.com regarding items that are up for auction.