Jupiter Area Schools

Public Schools

The School District of Palm Beach County operates public schools in the Jupiter area. Visit the "Find My School" page on the District's website and enter your address to find the schools serving your neighborhood. For information on how to register your child, visit the District's registration page.

Private Schools, Preschools, Colleges & Universities

There are a number of sites that list private schools at all levels, preschools, reviews of schools, and other educational information. Below are helpful links providing information on Jupiter-area private schools, preschools, and institutions of higher learning.

Additional Resources

PBC-Edu_logo[rgb]-lrg.pngPalm Beach County Education Information
The PBCedu.org website is part of an initiative spearheaded by the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, in partnership with the School District of Palm Beach County; a consortium of the county's private, faith-based, and charter schools; area university presidents; and educational and economic organizations, groups, and individuals. It's purpose is to provide easy access to top-line data about the county's educational resources, and a portal to each individual school's website for more in-depth information.