Crime Prevention Tips

The Neighborhood Policing Division

The Neighborhood Policing Division wants to remind everyone that no one knows your neighborhood better than you and the people who live in your neighborhood. And no one wants to protect it more than you do, except the police officers of the Jupiter Police Department. With teamwork between the residents of the Town of Jupiter and the Jupiter Police Department, the emphasis can be on stopping crime before it happens.

Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

There is a lot you can do to keep your neighborhood safe. For example, Get to know your neighbors.

Call the Jupiter Police Department when:
  • You see someone looking into windows and parked cars
  • You hear unusual noises
  • You see property being taken out of houses when the residents are not at home.
  • You see cars, vans, or trucks moving slowly with no apparent destination or without lights.
  • You see a stranger sitting in a car or stopping to talk to a child.
  • You see an abandoned car.
  • You hear someone screaming or shouting for help.
Don't wait for someone else to take the lead. Everyone in the community shares the responsibility for making your community safe. Report these incidents to the police and become a partner against crime!

Community Outreach

The Jupiter Police Department is committed to building and strengthening its alliance with the community. We look forward to meeting with you at one of your homeowner association meetings, or you can take advantage of one of our many programs, which include:
  • Group tours of the police department
  • Citizen's Police Academy
  • Citizen Ride Along Program
The ride along program has been a popular method of establishing relationships with community members and allow citizens to see first hand, the role of one of their police officers, by riding with them while on patrol.