Proposed Project: Riverside Drive Pedestrian & Safety Improvements

The Town of Jupiter is applying for a grant with Palm Beach County Transportation Planning Agency in order to make pedestrian and safety improvements along Riverside Drive.  The project and grant application will be presented at the regular Town Council meeting on Tuesday, February 16, 2020 at 7pm.  Interested residents are encouraged to attend the meeting in person, or watch live online.  At this point, the Town is interested in understanding residents’ support and questions on the project in advance of the grant process. If the grant is received, the Town will work with residents to answer questions and individual property concerns. For more information or questions on the project, please contact Doug Koenicke at or (561) 741-2258.

The project area is shown on the aerial below. Here are a few facts about the proposed project:

  • The project involves constructing a continuous sidewalk from River Terrace Drive to East Riverside Drive on the north side of Riverside Drive.  The concept plan includes two new mid-block pedestrian crossings which will include traffic-calming elements, ADA compliant features, and FPL lighting along the corridor.
  •  To construct the sidewalk, portions of existing driveways will have to be removed.  With the exception of existing asphalt driveways, they will be reconstructed in kind -- concrete for concrete and paver for paver.  The exception will be existing driveways that are either shell or asphalt, which would be reconstructed with concrete unless the resident objects. There will be no cost to residents for the reconstruction of driveways.   
  • Several homes have more significant landscaping in the right-of-way that will need to be removed to allow for the construction of the sidewalk lighting.  Unfortunately, we cannot replant on private property.   We can allow affected residents time prior to construction to relocate the material on their property.
  • The grant requires that the Town construct all improvements in the existing right-of-way.  Accordingly, improvements can’t be made on private property, and it can’t be used for construction purposes.